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Advance Your Learning of ADD, ADHD, & LD with ADDitude Magazine

ADDitude magazine helps readers realize that they are not alone and gives them the tools to better deal with ADD, ADHD, or learning disabilities. This quarterly resource is filled with information about health and nutrition, parenting strategies, and alternative treatment methods. Past well-received articles have included: "Reading Comprehension Strategies for ADHD Kids," "You Must Remember This," "Turn the Page on Social Challenges," and "Tap into Apps." Since 1998, ADDitude magazine has been a trusted resource for anyone affected by ADD, ADHD, or LD. In addition to providing credible information to those directly affected by these conditions, ADDitude also helps parents, spouses, siblings, children, and others relate to their loved ones' situations. Each issue of this practical publication contains educational articles written by trustworthy experts and doctors about living with and treating attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder and learning disabilities. ADDitude examines what causes these conditions, how they are diagnosed, and how they can be treated. It provides concrete ways that parents and teachers can help children navigate friendships and school assignments. ADDitude also teaches readers how to help a parent or adult who has one of these conditions.

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