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Stay Ahead of the Game with Baseball Digest

From spring training to the World Series and even through the offseason, Baseball Digest is the perfect magazine for anyone who calls America's pastime their favorite sport. After getting its start in 1942, Baseball Digest began publishing a full-color edition in 2012. Each bi-monthly issue of Baseball Digest dives deep into the world of MLB. The magazine is packed with baseball statistics, so in addition to following standings around the major league, subscribers can keep track of batting averages, ERAs, and much more. Other regular features include player profiles, baseball quizzes with sports trivia, and a close examination of the rules of the game. It also features famous pro-ball players who share their memories in "The Game I'll Never Forget." Plus, fans can also talk about their favorite baseball topics by writing to the letters from readers section. There's even a youth section with training tips for young ballplayers and their coaches.

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