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Climbing: America's Leading Climbing Magazine

Climbing has been a leading vertical publication since 1970. The mission, to inspire climbers of all backgrounds and abilities, still stands today reaching passionate climbers through digital, print, and social media platforms. Its staff of active climbers draw from their personal experiences and speak with experts to provide you with a credible publication that captures the voice of the sport. Each print issue is packed full of well-researched articles, gear reviews, technical training and how-to advice from pro-climbers, and more. Written with lively humor and filled with award-winning photography, you'll enjoy turning each page of this dynamic publication. With an annual subscription to Climbing magazine, you'll receive eight issues featuring a wide range of information all centered around your interest in climbing. Whether you want to try bouldering, rappelling, or even indoor climbing, you'll find helpful articles in its pages. Begin your subscription today and get ready to start your climbing adventure.

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