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Get the Hottest Advice Regarding Women's Issues with Cosmopolitan

The young women's magazine, Cosmopolitan, is well known for its frank articles on sex, relationships and politics. Cosmopolitan, also referred to simply as "Cosmo", was founded in 1886 as a family magazine and has since evolved into a magazine geared towards today's successful women. Featuring candid discussions on women's issues such as sex, relationships, women's rights and politics, Cosmopolitan is known for its attention-grabbing, and oftentimes blunt headlines and racy cover pictures. Cosmopolitan is available in countries across the globe. Though perhaps best known for articles on sex and relationship, Cosmopolitan also features articles on today's biggest stars, television shows and movies. Browse the latest in celebrity fashion with Cosmopolitan's coverage of the hottest designers and celebrity clothing lines. Discover the latest beauty trends makeup tutorials on the latest looks.

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