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EQUUS: The Horse Owner's Resource

When it first launched in 1977, EQUUS magazine had one mission: to act as a bridge for horse owners and veterinarians. Today, the magazine still provides over 1 million readers with top-notch articles about the health and well-being of horses, but it also aims to help foster the bond between horse and human through its magazine, website, and social media platforms. EQUUS is a media partner of the American Association of Equine Practitioners, which helps connect the editors to top professionals. The print magazine is an entertaining read and informative tool for any horse owner. Through detailed articles from top veterinarians, equine researchers, riders, and trainers, you can feel confident about using the knowledge you gain in your everyday equestrian life. With a subscription to EQUUS you'll receive a monthly magazine that balances scientific facts with the emotional connection between human and horse. Begin your EQUUS magazine subscription, and start enhancing your life as an equestrian.

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