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Family Circle—Relevant, Relatable, Real

Family Circle is the roadmap for millions of women at a new point in their lives. Her teens and tweens are getting a life of their own, and she is too. And we're right there with ideas for making the most of this time. We literally go full circle, giving her ways to simplify, destress, and problem solve through the highs and lows of parenting and the chaos of everyday life. Whether she's trying to balance busy schedules, put dinner on the table, or make sure homework is done, we get it. (And we help her maintain a sense of self in the middle of it all!)

We even organize our pages in a way that reflects the rhythm of her life: On Duty and Off Duty. On Duty has articles, tips, and tricks for dealing with all the stuff that's on her to do list—the never-ending chores, managing work-life balance, scheduling medical checkups, navigating finances, or having those tough or awkward conversations with her kids. Off Duty is where all the fun and inspirational stories are, like planning family vacations, making her home pretty, shopping, baking, entertaining, or even just pampering herself.

Our tagline is Live a 360° Life because we give our reader content that fits all parts of her day, and all parts her world.

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