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Health: Live Your Best Life Now

Health, formerly known as In Health, has been motivating women to live happy, healthy lives since 1981. Since its start, Health has grown into one of America's most-trusted health and wellness brands reaching over 6 million readers per year. You can find an abundance of healthy-living tips and tricks from the website, health.com, but don't miss out on getting fresh ideas and inspiration from the print issue. Each month features cutting-edge health advice, natural beauty tips, home remedies that work, celebrity weight-loss secrets, new time-saving workouts, body-flattering fashions, and much more. Plus, you'll be the first to read about Health's annual fitness and beauty award brand winners. Health takes a 360-degree approach to ensure it covers its readers' many interests. A subscription to Health is perfect for the empowered woman looking to lead a happy, healthy, and fun life. With an annual subscription, you'll receive tips on smart eating, fitness, and overall wellness, so get ready to start living your best life now.

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