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InStyle Magazine features the latest in celebrity news, fashion coverage, beauty how-to's and lifestyle trends. This popular fashion magazine offers all the latest in celebrity weddings, news and Hollywood events. Peek into the life of your favorite celebrities with InStyle's celebrity home tours. Browse the hottest trends of everything from shoes to bags, clothing and accessories. InStyle also offers a variety of makeup how-to's and hairstyle ideas to help you look your best. With their "best of" products picked by the InStyle editors, you can find the best products on the market, and skip wasting money on the ones that Don't. InStyle's lifestyle articles include the biggest wedding trends and entertaining tips. Look through InStyle's delicious recipes to find the newest dish to serve at your next party. Whether you eat gluten-free or are looking for a fresh new vegan recipe, InStyle has the perfect recipe for you. Looking for decorating inspiration? InStyle has decorating tips and DIY projects for adding an elegant touch to your home.

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