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People: Your Number 1 Place for Celebrity News

When it launched in 1974, People magazine had a mission: to provide stories about people instead of issues. To this day, People still focuses on that goal and connects over 46 million readers to the celebrities they care about, giving People magazine one of the largest audiences in the industry. You can follow their content through multiple platforms including social media channels, their website: people.com, and of course their well-renowned print magazine. Their print magazine will keep you informed on the best in style, human nature, and celebrity news through researched articles, entertaining stories, and stunning photography of your favorite stars and public figures. With a subscription to People, you will receive weekly magazines that balance celebrity news and human-interest stories for an entertaining and thoughtful read. You will also be one of the first to open the special editions, including the Sexiest Man Alive, 100 Most Beautiful People, and more. Start your People magazine subscription today and get excited to stay in the know about the celebrities and people you admire.

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