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Practical Horseman: A How-to Guide for English Riders

Practical Horseman has been helping English-style riders strengthen their skills and reach their goals since 1973. You'll find applicable content on their website, social media accounts, and digital and print magazines. The award-winning equestrian magazine balances step-by-step training articles with important horse care information to bring you a useful, well-rounded guide. A Practical Horseman magazine subscription is perfect for English-style riders who want to improve their craft. Whether you're looking to improve your jumping and hunter techniques, prepare for you next competition, or maintain your horse's health, you'll discover useful articles in each monthly magazine. With a Practical Horseman subscription, you'll get connected to top riders, expert veterinarians, and your equestrian idols too. Begin your subscription today and start achieving your equestrian ambitions one issue at a time.

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