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Rotor Drone

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Rotor Drone: Your Guide To Multi-rotor Aircraft

From the easy to use micros to the slightly more challenging giants, drones are some of the coolest technology on the market. With a Rotor Drone subscription, you'll get the information you need to take advantage of a drone's capabilities, from steering your aircraft to installing on board light systems. This magazine is full of useful information supported by top manufacturers. You'll find the top accessories and gear, and get reviews of drones based off of actual field tests. That's why a Rotor Drone subscription is the best resource for anyone interested in multi-rotor aircraft. Get up close and personal with UAVs, quadcopters, and more as you get tips on how to take photos or even surveillance. Read stories about real world application, like how drones are getting involved in firefighting rescues, and enjoy the detailed technical guides. Rotor Drone is a must-have tool for anyone interested in drone flight.

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