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Find Out What You Need to Know Before You Set Sail with Yachting Magazine

Yachting Magazine features everything boat owners and enthusiasts need to know before setting sail. Yachting covers a wide variety of ocean crafts such as sail boats, trawlers, and sport fishing boats. Founded in 1907, Yachting has long been the authority in boating. Browse boat reviews and articles on the newest boats on the market. Discover up and coming boat designs, as well as their pros and cons, with Yachting's concept and design articles. Having the best gear is important when setting sail. Browse the latest in boating electronics such as navigation tools, luxury items such as watches, and more. Whether you are looking to buy a new vessel or enjoy learning about the complexities of boat design, Yachting is the perfect magazine for you. Yachting also features destination ideas around the globe. Browse their destination guides and photography features to help decide your next cruising destination.

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